Critical Factors for Sterile Product Manufacturing (Barnard Castle, UK)

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  • Critical Factors for Sterile Product Manufacturing (Barnard Castle, UK)

    18th June 2024 - 21st June 2024

    Location: Barnard Castle, UK
    Course Price £2250.00
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  • Critical Factors for Sterile Product Manufacturing

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Course Terms & Conditions

About the Critical Factors course for Sterile Product Manufacturing in Pharmaceutical Industry

Sterile Product Manufacturing in Pharmaceutical Industry course topics include:  RABS & Isolator Technology, Sterilisation Methods, Aseptic Processing & Process Simulation, HVAC, Microbial Contamination Transfer, Control Measures, Liquid & Air Filtration, ISO Requirements, cGMP Requirements to Annex 1, Terminal Sterilisation, EU/China and US Aseptic Processing Guidelines.

This face-to-face course has been designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the critical factors to consider for the preparation of aseptically filled and terminally sterilised products. The course considers the cGMP requirements defined in Annex 1 including the development of a contamination control strategy and introduces risk management tools which have been designed to control microbial contamination in the cleanroom environment, with special consideration to protection of the product.

The course is presented using a blended learning approach consisting of interactive presentations, team-based workshops designed to allow our delegates to put the principles into practice as well as a physical review of a state-of-the-art sterile product manufacturing facility.

Sterile Product Manufacturing in Pharmaceutical Industry | Honeyman Training

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Who Should Attend This Course?

This course is suitable for all levels of experience and often includes members of the following departments:

  • New Graduates
  • Operational / Production Supervisors & Managers
  • Technical/ Process team members
  • Engineering & Validation team members
  • QP’s and QA Professionals.

Course Features

This course covers all key aspects of sterile product manufacture, for both aseptically prepared and terminally sterilised products.

Sterile Product Manufacturing in Pharmaceutical Industry Training Course Objectives

Key Learning Objectives:-

On completion of the course our delegates will

  • Understand the fundamental mechanisms of microbial contamination transfer within the facility and the control measures in place to protect the product.
  • Have reviewed the development of the US and EU GMP regulations and ISO guidelines associated with cleanroom design and monitoring as well as review of current requirements.
  • Understand the critical control points within a typical aseptic processing operation with focus on RABS and Isolator technology, Liquid & Air Filtration, Sterilisation & Decontamination steps.
  • Understand how Cleanrooms are classified with practical examples on how to meet current ISO requirements and interpretation of the cGMP requirements as defined in Annex 1.
  • Have participated in workshops to define practical Process Simulation Test for aseptically filled products.
  • To understand the key differences between manufacturing operations designed for manufacture of aseptically filled and terminally sterilised products.
  • Understand common cGMP deficiencies in sterile product manufacturing operations and what regulatory health inspectors are looking for.

Course Content

  • Review of international regulatory guidelines related to sterile product manufacture
  • Review of current deficiencies in sterile product manufacture
  • Basic microbiology and sources of contamination
  • Review of critical control points for bioburden control in a typical aseptic process
  • Sterilisation steps including terminal sterilisation
  • Sterilisation processes for irradiation of components
  • Classification and functionality of clean rooms and cleanroom design principles
  • Challenges in aseptic manufacture
  • Risk management of contamination in cleanrooms
  • Risk assessment method, quantification of risk and management
  • Garment gowning procedures and garment management
  • Cleanroom behaviour, personnel movements, disinfection procedures
  • Regulatory expectations for aseptic validation
  • Designing, performing media fills and interpreting results
  • Key aspects of quality critical utilities, including design, testing and operation
  • Filtration types and theory,  filter selection and integrity testing, HEPA Filtration
  • VHP Decontamination
  • Total Particle Counting techniques and technology.

Course Dates / Costs Description

Honeyman reserves the right to amend any prices at any time.

All advertised prices are exclusive of any applicable VAT or local taxes.

Location Directions Map for Training Centre in Barnard Castle, UK (PDF)

18th June 2024
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Training prospectus 2024

We have produced an overview of the course information available online, available here in a handy PDF Prospectus.


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