Make Honeyman your subject matter experts

Delivered by a team of leading specialists in their respective fields, whether conceptual design, new build, specification or problems with existing facilities, Honeyman has the capability and resources across several disciplines to offer first class consultancy support and process solutions.

Honeyman has historically been the first point of contact when difficulties have arisen in process operations, when the client is often faced with problems of non-performance, unreliability or failure. Honeyman has an established reputation for quick response to problem solving, giving efficient, innovative and cost effective advice, and for providing confidence of success and regulatory compliance.

Honeyman is regarded as a centre of excellence in this regard, providing a vital resource to support clients.

Why Choose Honeyman Consultancy?

We are industry and regulatory specialists, experts of many years standing, who can deliver top level consultancy support and advice to clients, either individually or as part of a team.

  • Consultancy may be needed to guide new designs or facility upgrades, to improve existing facilities or to troubleshoot problems
  • Clients can be sure of impartial advice, and best practice guidance from our highly qualified and experienced consultancy team
  • Our consultancy support may lead to cost saving benefits, process optimisation and/or production efficiency improvements

Bespoke system health checks

Choose us for our popular bespoke system health checks, where an overview visit provides the opportunity to address issues and concerns including fitness for purpose and regulatory compliance appraisal and comment.

We have long and successful client relationships with loyalty built over the years through our strong consultancy services.


"Tailored to the business, pitched at the right level. Excellent, 'spot on' content delivery."

QA Manager, Victoria Pharmaceuticals

"The best presented course I have attended!"

Senior QA Officer, Roslin CT

"Informative, educational, enthusiastically delivered on-site. This will be a regular event for our department"

Microbiology Manager, Portsmouth Hospital

"The course really helped to put things into perspective with a very good balance of theory, practical and workshop."

Operations Lead, Pfizer

Our Customers

Our team has trained and works with the world's leading Pharmaceutical companies, including …

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