Cleanrooms: Principles in Practice® (Virtual)

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  • Cleanrooms: Principles in Practice® (Virtual)

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    Location: Virtual Training
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  • Clean Room Training: Principles in Practice® (Virtual)

    21st November 2023 - 23rd November 2023

    Location: Virtual Training
    Course Price £1695.00
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  • Cleanrooms: Principles in Practice®

    We have produced an overview of the course information available online, available here in a handy PDF Prospectus.

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About the course

Cleanroom Training courses provide a holistic view of the design, operation and management of cleanrooms. As leading consultants in sterile process manufacturing, terminal sterilisation and aseptic production, Honeyman Training has a wealth of experience in the design, build, validation and ongoing monitoring of cleanrooms working with many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

The course has been developed by industry experts in design, validation, microbiology and quality assurance. The most effective way of understanding cleanroom operations.

Honeyman is renowned for industry leading GMP knowledge-transfer, lectures, consultancy and courses delivered face-to-face.

Our Virtual Training now helps you ‘keep your space’ and stay at the top of your game.

Who Should Attend This Cleanroom Training Course?

This course is suitable for Engineers, QA, Validation and Operations personnel of all levels.

Cleanroom Training Course Objectives

Key learning objectives of the Cleanroom Training course are:

  • To have an increased knowledge of all fundamental principles for all personnel involved in the management and operations of cleanrooms
  • To be able to apply the knowledge gained to participate in risk assessments and investigations in their own facility
  • Have been provided the background on how GMP regulations and ISO standards define cleanroom design, operation and validation
  • Understand the sources of microbiological contamination and how to control and minimise them
  • Recognise current best practices for gowning, changing and operator qualification
  • Appreciate the features of facility design and how the type of product and operations influence the design
  • To understand the qualification of HVAC systems and how to interpret data
  • To understand key tests involved in qualification, smoke testing and particle counting
  • To understand how to use impact assessment to define system boundaries and identify critical components
  • Be able to present a cost-effective approach to validation
  • Appreciate cleaning and maintaining control

For practical assistance with outsourced monitoring for contamination control in pharmaceutical manufacturing visit

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Course Content

Successful design and management cannot solely be based on HVAC, but is part of a holistic approach that covers cleanroom design, operations, HVAC and monitoring processes. This three-day Cleanroom Training course delivers a comprehensive overview of the regulatory and design requirements of the facility, highlights the interaction between materials and personnel within the cleanroom, examines the principles of HVAC design, filters and air filtration, and provides guidelines for ongoing contamination control through environmental monitoring and cleaning.

Day One

  • Cleanroom Design
  • Microbiology Refresher
  • Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms
  • HVAC Systems
  • Microbiology Practical
  • HEPA Filters

Day Two

  • RABS and Isolators
  • Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Particle Monitoring
  • Testing and Classification
  • People as a Contamination Source
  • Risk Management of Contamination

Day Three

  • Behaviours and Disciplines
  • Clothing
  • Energy Considerations
  • Comparison of EU and US Standards
  • Qualification

Course Dates / Costs Description

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All advertised prices are exclusive of any applicable VAT or local taxes.

Cleanroom Training Courses

Cleanroom Training Courses

21st November 2023
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Training prospectus 2023

We have produced an overview of the course information available online, available here in a handy PDF Prospectus.


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